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‘By the power of Dark Horse!’ a new comic book set in the Revelation universe is coming in February
He-Man and the world of the Masters of the Universe return to the pages of comic books in February courtesy of Dark Horse Comics by way of Mattel in Masters of the Universe: Masterverse, a new four-issue anthology limited series set in the universe of the Netflix animated series Revelation executive produced by Kevin Smith.Dark Horse previously published a four-issue Revelation prequel comic book series co-written by Smith.
Revelation is a spiritual sequel to the classic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and was released in two parts in 2021. A follow-up series Revolution is currently in production.
The first issue of Masters of the Universe: Masterverse is written by Tim Seely, who wrote the Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe crossover between the two franchises and Masters of the Multiverse when the MotU license was with DC, who published comics from 2012 to 2020.The first issue will feature art by Eddie Nuñez (who illustrates a framing story), Sergio Aragonés, and Kelley Jones, and color by Rico Renzi and Brennan Wagner. Subsequent issues will feature art by E.J. Su, Victor Santos, David Rubín, Claudia Balboni, Daniel Lopez, and Fico Ossio.
“In the depths of Castle Grayskull, The Sorceress and Zodac debate the value of He-Man,” reads Dark Horse’s description of the first issue. “To save the life of her champion, the Sorceress must take the Cosmic Enforcer on a tour of the multiverse.”
In a story illustrated by the iconic Sergio Aragonés, “a dim, barbaric He-Man bumbles through a world of annoying warrior goddesses and bored demons as he’s pursued by a hungry green tiger.”Kelley Jones then draws a “‘horrific ghost story” set on Eternia “where the power of Grayskull summons an entirely different warrior.”
Masters of the Universe: Masterverse #1 (of 4) with a variant cover by brand name comic book artists Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart goes on sale February 15, 2023.
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