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Similar to Captain America: Civil War, the MCU could have its version of Marvel Comics’ Civil War II with Captain Marvel at the center of the story.
An MCU’s Civil War 2 could still happen in Phase 6 as a potential Captain Marvel 3. Despite being a relatively recent comic book arc, Marvel’s Civil War became an instant classic and is often referred to as one of the most ambitious Marvel crossovers. For that reason, it was expected that the MCU would adapt Civil War at some point. However, while the MCU did adapt Civil War, it did so in the form of a sequel to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
Captain America: Civil War is not necessarily a comic-accurate version of Marvel’s Civil War, but it worked in the context of the MCU’s Phase 3. Splitting the Avengers ahead of Thanos' arrival was necessary for Avengers: Infinity War to have higher stakes, yet the MCU could not count on the Fantastic Four or the X-Men. Instead, Civil War focused on Captain America, Iron Man, and the Winter Soldier. Now, Marvel has the opportunity to adapt Civil War 2 with Captain Marvel at the center of the story.
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Ten years after Marvel’s Civil War, Civil War II was released as a spiritual successor to the events of the Iron Man vs. Captain America confrontation. While Civil War 2 was not exactly a sequel to Civil War, it revisited the idea of two major Marvel superheroes clashing over what they believe to be the best way for the Avengers to act. Whereas the cause for Marvel's Civil War was the Superhero Registration Arc, which divided Captain America and Iron Man over whether superheroes should reveal their faces to the public, Civil War II was a clash between Captain Marvel and Iron Man.
At the center of Civil War 2 was Ulysses Cain, an Inhuman who had the ability to see the future. Captain Marvel believed that Ulysses' powers could be used to stop threats against Earth before they even happened. Iron Man, however, believed that trusting in visions from the future was too risky and that it was not morally correct to arrest a “potential villain” before they even had done something. Though Iron Man can no longer appear in an MCU Civil War 2, Danvers' position in the current franchise – and the hinted impending introduction of mutants into the series – can allow Captain Marvel 3 to adapt this storyline.
Very much like the first Civil War, a comic-accurate version of Civil War II in the MCU is already impossible. Iron Man plays a huge part in Civil War II, yet the MCU’s Tony Stark is already dead. There is also an Inhuman problem for a potential MCU Civil War 2 adaptation, as whether Inhumans exist in the MCU’s Earth-616 hasn’t been answered despite Inhuman king Black Bolt appearing in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Even if the MCU revisits the Inhumans or even changes Ulysses Cain to be a mutant, Iron Man’s absence remains very significant.
That said, Marvel could still make a Civil War II adaptation work. The biggest challenge would be how to replace Iron Man’s role in the story, that is, who would oppose Captain Marvel in this second Avengers fallout. One possibility is having Captain America Sam Wilson as the second major player in the Civil War sequel, especially if Sam leads the Avengers from now on. Another possibility would be to have Doctor Strange replace Iron Man in Civil War II, which would be no surprise given that Doctor Strange has replaced Iron Man in the MCU in many ways already.
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Captain Marvel 2 is happening in the form of The Marvels, a crossover movie that will see Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau, and Kamala Khan as a team. Therefore, similar to the Captain America trilogy, the Captain Marvel series is already abandoning the traditional sequels. Civil War II is one of the most important Carol Danvers comic book stories, and it redefines Captain Marvel both as a character and as a leader. Although the MCU’s Captain Marvel has been a superhero for decades, Carol Danvers hasn’t worked with the Avengers that much. This, however, will have changed by the end of Phase 6.
Captain Marvel 3 can see Captain Marvel as one of the Avengers leaders, with her role as an Avenger and protector of the universe being tested by something like Civil War II’s Ulysses Cain debate. Similar to Captain America: Civil War, a “Captain Marvel: Civil War” would adapt an event from the comics on a smaller scale but still keep the chore of the story. The MCU’s Civil War was still a Captain America film despite all the Avengers cameos, meaning that Captain Marvel 3 can work both as the third entry in the Captain Marvel franchise and as a Civil War II adaptation
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