O2 Filmes adapting Brazilian comic book O Cidadão Incomum for TV – C21Media

Pedro Ivo’s O Cidadão Incomum
City of God producer O2 Filmes and its co-founder Fernando Meirelles are moving forward with their adaptation of Brazilian comic book O Cidadão Incomum.
The adaptation of Pedro Ivo’s comics marks Meirelles’ first foray into the superhero genre. The show will tell the story of a young man from São Paulo, aspiring to be an actor, who discovers that he has the ability to fly as well as other superpowers.
Plans to adapt the comic books at O2 Filmes first emerged in 2018. Meirelles confirmed he still has hopes to make a series based on the IP at the recent CCXP 22 (formerly Comic Con Experience) in São Paulo.
The director is also developing a spin-off series from the Oscar-winning feature film City of God, which he co-directed, for HBO Max, as reported by C21 earlier this week.


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