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It’s hard to think of someone that has had more fashion sense in the DC Universe than Harley Quinn, which makes her perfect for the Hellfire Gala.
If there's one DC character that should cross over into the X-Men's Hellfire Gala, it's Harley Quinn.
Surprisingly, Harley Quinn's first appearance wasn't in a comic book. She debuted as Joker's sidekick in the Batman: The Animated Series television show wearing her classic red and black jester suit. That more or less remained her main outfit until she started appearing on her own in the comics. The New 52 gave Harley a controversial costume change, before her costume changed once again after Margot Robbie starred as her in Suicide Squad. From there, Harley Quinn took on an anti-hero status with multiple outfits in everything from video games back to animation.
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These outfits have been featured in numerous variant covers over the years. They were collected in a pinup comic book Harley Quinn Uncovered #1, which has covers by Adam Hughes, Rose Besch, and Will Jack among others. The issue actually starts in a meta sort of way as Harley Quinn claims she is responsible for all of DC’s success before introducing the covers, starting with what she admits is an unflattering "WANTED" poster. The covers showcase a wide array of styles and Harley in many different outfits from classic looks to more glamorous ones. She is even seen wearing boxing trunks as well as hockey and football gear, in covers by Derrick Chew. Most of the outfits feature her classic red and blank playing card motif, but she sports a lot of different jewelry, highlighting her as a fashion icon of the DC universe.
When it comes to fashion and comics nowadays, nothing gets more attention than the X-Men's Hellfire Gala. The event has been used as a showcase of sorts to have various Marvel characters, both heroes and villains from various walks of life, not only interact with each other when they otherwise wouldn't but also be seen in completely different outfits. This event would be perfect for someone like Harley Quinn, who comic artists love to feature in a wide assortment of outfits.
It's rare for DC and Marvel to have a crossover. But a crossover between a big-time Marvel event and a single DC character would be interesting to see, especially with someone like Harley. She is such an outgoing and spontaneous character that fans would have a blast seeing her interact with characters such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, and even Doctor Strange. Besides the bizarre conversations though, Harley would probably revel in the many wardrobe changes she would undertake throughout the evening. The possibilities are endless, and it will be silly for the Hellfire Gala not to invite Harley Quinn.
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Harley Quinn Uncovered #1 is now available from DC Comics.
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