Petaluma's Gio Benedetti publishes science-fiction comic – Petaluma Argus Courier

In a genuinely charming Facebook post last Friday, local artist Gio Benedetti (who oversees the Argus-Courier’s weekly “For the Love of Comics“ feature) videotaped himself, in his bathrobe, on his front porch, clearly in a state of impatient postal-delivery anticipation. He begins by talking about a new comic book he’s written and illustrated. A fantasy adventure story titled ”Grubako,“ the comic is about a wookie-like alien creature doing heroic things in space.
“The reason I’m out here on my front porch is that I’m waiting for UPS to be delivering these comics that I made,” he says in the video, after showing an illustration of the cover of the book. “This is the first time I’ve ever printed on of my comics in, like, an actual, beautiful, professional looks-like-a-real-comic-book comic book. I’m really excited.”
So excited, he explains, that he is waiting on Friday for a delivery not technically expected until Saturday.
“I don’t want to miss it, in case they’re early,” he says. Later on that weekend, Benedetti posted another video of himself opening the box of comics. Technically, he was re-opening the box, which he’d clearly already torn open, but then taped shut again for the video, which he admits on camera.
“This is staged,” he says. “I taped it shut again just so I can reopen it all over again. For all of you. But it is still exciting!”
Upon opening the box, he busts into song. More or less. Like we said, it’s pretty charming. With the manga-sized comics having now arrived, Benedetti’s post, “Grubako“ is now on sale for $5 apiece on his website.
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