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Having originally opened in 1976, Fat Jack’s, the city of Philadelphia’s first and oldest comic book store, launches a GoFundMe to avoid closure.
Fat Jack's, Philadelphia's first and oldest comic book store, has started a GoFundMe fundraiser to avoid closure.
Initially reported by The Inquirer, Fat Jack's — located at 2006 Sansom St. in Philadelphia — first opened in 1976 and has become known as the first comic book store within the city. Eric Partridge, Fat Jack's store manager, recently created a GoFundMe fundraiser to help the store stay afloat following COVID-related shutdowns and a decrease in sales. The fundraiser has a goal of $20,000. At the time of this article's publication, approximately $12,400 has been raised.
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"We are working as hard as we can, to overcome the non-existent and slow sales while we were closed, we just can't 'get there," Partridge wrote. "Right now, we need to put together $20,000, in a hurry. This is not the totality of our problems. That would need (at least) $80,000. but to keep our head above water and ensure we can get our new books still, we need to raise these funds as soon as possible to keep moving forward.
"How did we get here? The main reason is, of course, covid closedowns from a year and a half ago have finally caught up to us. We took SUCH a hit during the pandemic, and even though we filled out the paperwork for the second PPP funds, the government ran out of money by the time they got to our paperwork. We’ve been trying to make it work ever since. But in addition to the shut down and lost sales, since then inflation and lost sales from some of our subscribers and regular customers unable to pick up their books has been adding to the problems and hitting harder and harder lately.
Partridge continued to discuss the legacy Fat Jack's holds in Philadelphia and all that store owner Mike Ferraro has overcome since its opening. "Over 46 years ago, our founder and boss, Mike, started selling comics at the beginning of the comics market and helped build it in the Phil Seuling days and one of the first comic stores in the country, and what was to become the oldest comic shop in Philadelphia and one of the 10 oldest in the country, if not the world. Through all of this, Mike's suffered a bout of illness and working while sick, even ending up for a very short time in the hospital. And you can imagine how hard it is to stay on top of things whether sick for an extended period of time or worse from a hospital bed.
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"Fat Jack's has been a staple in the comics industry. We've had great creators such as Matt Wagner, Joe Matt and Bill Willingham as customers and friends, and had signings with other creators including Neil Gaiman, Neal Adams, Tom King, Charles Soule, Garth Ennis, JG Jones, Darick Robertson and many others. Who or what is Fat Jack's? The dedicated employees who work so hard to keep things running smoothly. And the past employees who are still like family."
Click here to visit the GoFundMe page for Fat Jack's.
Source: The Inquirer, GoFundMe
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