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Now the franchise is owned by Disney, Marvel Comics' highly-anticipated foray into the terrifying Predator universe began this past August in Ed Brisson and Kev Walker's Predator #1.
Delivering all the explosive action and relentless horror that fans of the pop culture phenomenon crave, that introduced a new protagonist, Theta Berwick, who stalks the spaceways on a mission to rid the galaxy of the lethal alien killers, the Yautja. Her quest for vengeance has only just started and, in March, she'll increase her kill count on a brand-new hunt in another new #1.
Joined by rising star artist Netho Diaz, Brisson will kick off this explosive next chapter, set years after the opening arc, making it perfect for newcomers and a must-read for fans of Brisson's Predator run so far.
This epic new saga will introduce a host of new characters trapped fighting for their lives against three distinct Predators. Each of them uses their vicious skills and alarming expertise in distinct and terrifying ways but they all share the same objective: HUNT. KILL. REPEAT.
On a planet far from Earth, eight strangers find themselves in a deadly game. But this time, the Predators aren’t the only ones on the hunt. Someone has the Yautja in their sites – and they’ve been searching for this game preserve for a long time. Prepare for a brutal, carnage-filled adventure that will turn everything you thought you knew about Predators on its head!
“As a lifelong Predator fan – ever since seeing the first at the drive-in theatre at too-young-of-an-age – writing the comic has been an absolute dream gig,” Brisson says. “I've been thrilled at fan reaction and how I've been able to bring Theta into Predator lore — a bad-ass hunter we haven't seen the likes of since Dutch took down the Jungle Hunter back in 1987.”
“My only problem with our first series was that it was over too soon! I wanted, no…needed, to write more in this universe,” he continued. “Thankfully, we're coming back, with incredible newcomer Netho Diaz on art, to tell a tale that ties into film continuity, while breaking new ground. We've got a new cast, new Predators, and some huge surprises in store!”
You can check out the cover below (via, but should be prepared for your fears to be reborn when Predator #1 launches in March. The final issue of the current series drops on January 11, and will be followed by the “Day of the Hunter” trade paperback, collecting all six issues, over the summer.
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