Punisher creator Mike Baron releases another Racist AF comic book – Daily Kos

“ …Iraqis, Afghans, Chinese, Mexican and Lebanese…”

These are just a few of the Racial and National groups that Punisher creator Mike Baron has demonized in his latest diatribe of racist propaganda, and stochastic terrorism disguised as a funny book. Called ‘The Private American’ it is about a vigilante ‘lone wolf’ wanted by the FBI, who wears the ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Gasden Flag snake on his chest while he brutally murders migrant workers and families fleeing fascism abroad under the assumption that they are all “…human traffickers, criminals, arms dealers, & drug smugglers, with suitcase bombs…”
“…this book’s subject matter will likely prevent it from ever finding a home at a mainstream comics publishing house…” reads the script on the Kickstarter Project Page.

You think so, huh? I wonder why…
Now live on Kickstarter and violation their terms of service for:
-Offensive material (e.g., hate speech, encouraging violence against others, etc).
-Projects that promote discrimination, bigotry, or intolerance towards marginalized groups.

Published by Chris Braley who’s previous projects also include Mike Baron such a ‘Thin Blue Line’, which was featured on FOX AND FRIENDS, and drawn by an actual cop!
This past work is about vigilante police officers who ‘have to’ go on a killing spree in black communities. An obvious ode to Fox News Talking points and the fake news narrative about ‘Violent BLM Rioters’ that set Kyle ‘crybaby’ Rittenhouse (and 600+ other right wing extremists just this year) on the path to hunting human beings for sport.

The Private American just turns Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and other 3%er types towards Hispanic, Chinese, and Muslim peoples and plays into the paranoid, bigoted, delusions.
“…an explosive, gritty, political thriller ripped right from today’s national headlines and exposing the dangerous activities happening across America’s porous borders…”

Yeah, the same ‘porous border’ Orange Hitler supposedly rebuilt… Of course, I’m sure they will no doubt play these books off as ‘fictional exaggerations’, but we all know, damn well, fictional exaggerations are the core belief system of the dangerous radical right, Qanon Terrorists, and trigger happy militia types. This is ‘just a comic book’, like Elon Musk is “just joking around’ when he posts Hitler ‘Memes’.
From the Charlottesville anti-semetic tiki torch riot, to Asian Hate, to the rise of Vehicle Attacks, to the Home Invasion that left Nancy Pelosi’s husband hospitalized, projects like ‘The Private American’ only fan the flames of political extremism that led to the Jan 6th Insurrection and the death of 5 D.C. Police officers.

“…real heroes don’t wear spandex… they wear Kevlar and night vision glasses!”

THIS is the kind of Radicalization, disguised as ‘entertainment’, that would fit perfectly on a Klansman’s book shelf between The Turner Diaries and Mien Kampf. I’m sure the publisher can table this book at the next tRump rally right between Kanye West’s ‘White Lives Matter’ shirts, and Nick Fuentes’s new book ‘The Incels Guide to AR-15s’.

We urge anyone who is as offended by this domestic terrorist handbook for bubblegum brains, to contact support@kickstarter.com and tell them ‘Hate has no place anywhere, let alone their platform where decent people go to bring their hopes and dreams to life to make the world a better place’.


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