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Rotten Tomatoes has announced the winners of the 24th Annual Golden Tomato Awards, with the goal of honouring the best-reviewed movies and TV shows of 2022.
Top Gun: Maverick was last year's best-reviewed movie, with House of the Dragon named the best-reviewed TV series. We're not overly surprised by either of them picking up wins here as critics and fans responded incredibly positively to both. 
The review aggregator also breaks down titles by genre, and we now know what the best-reviews comic book movie and TV shows of 2022 were!
The Batman came in at #1, beating the likes of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Werewolf by Night. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the DCU's future under DC Studios' watch, we'd say Matt Reeves' first entry in the “Batverse” is well-deserving of this accolade as it was an absolutely phenomenal take on The Dark Knight courtesy of Robert Pattinson. 
As for 2022's best-reviewed superhero TV series, that goes to Ms. Marvel. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law came in at second place (something we're sure will be triggering for some), while The Boys season 3 was close behind. Kamala Khan's MCU debut was a blast, even if it boasted a disappointing group of villains. 
Movies and TV shows proudly tout Rotten Tomatoes scores in marketing because those all-important scores do make a difference. While the odd release here and there is deemed critic-proof, we've seen plenty of highly anticipated releases crash and burn after taking a mauling from critics. 
Do you think the critics were right about The Batman and Ms. Marvel? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 
#TheBatman wins the #GoldenTomato Award for Best-Reviewed Comic Book Movie of 2022.
#MsMarvel wins the #GoldenTomato Award for Best-Reviewed Superhero TV Series of 2022.
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