Scout Comics Reveals Commander Rao Prequel One-Shot And We Love You First Look (Exclusive) –

By Matthew Aguilar
The acclaimed and award-winning comic Commander Rao from the ever-talented writer and illustrator Fell Hound is now receiving a standalone prequel, and we’ve got your exclusive first look! The new prequel is titled And We Love You and will be coming from Scout Comics next year, with Hound returning to write and illustrate the book alongside GLAAD-nominated letterer Lucas Gattoni (DC Pride, Killer Queens). The new one-shot will hit stores on February 1st, 2023, and you can check out an up-close look at the new series starting on the next slide.
And We Love You will be edited by Frankee White with a title logo by Winston Gambro, and will also feature covers by Angela Wu (Skies of Fire), Skylar Patridge (Wonder Woman, Artemis Wanted), and Fell Hound, which will be available on You can find the official description for And We Love You below.
“They say war is a story told by the survivors, but what of the stories that never got told? In the throes of a violent dystopian war, a young soldier perishes on the battlefield and begins to bleed out all her memories. Mixing heart wrenching emotions with stunningly gripping visuals, this is the tale of one woman’s life, death, and the love which transcends both.”
“The incredible love shown by fans and readers to our rocket-booted comic has been one of the highlights of my career,” said Fell Hound. “As such I hope folks will enjoy what we’ve brought in this double-sized follow up. And We Love You continues the mantra of lots of heart, lots of action, and breaking all barriers to what the medium is capable of. Working with Lucas and Frankee on this, as both their talents and expertise made this book as heartbreaking as can be. And to Angela, Skylar, and Winston (our logo designer) for putting together some of the most powerful cover art in comics!”
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