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“For the record, it is the MOST comic book accurate show in the MCU.”

A writer for the She-Hulk comics has blasted claims that Disney+ show Attorney at Law isn’t “comic book accurate”.
The limited series, which starred Tatiana Maslany in the lead role, received some criticism from viewers for its perceived lack of faithfulness in regards to the source material and its stylistic shift from previous output in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
However, Dan Slott, a writer of the original comics, has defended the adaptation by saying the backlash is unwarranted, saying it is the most accurate of all the MCU shows.
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“Anyone saying the @SheHulkOfficial TV show wasn’t ‘comic book accurate’,” he tweeted yesterday (January 2).
“I’m the guy who has written more issues of SHE-HULK than anyone. I’ve read every single comic from every #SheHulk run. And I’m saying, for the record, it is the MOST comic book accurate show in the MCU.”
Slott added: “‘That’s not the point. Nobody was arguing about that.’ Yes. They were. A lot.
“After posting this, literally got a post starting out: ‘No one’s saying the show isn’t comic accurate pal…’ Love the goal post moving, cause the whole ‘the show isn’t comic accurate’ talking point has been going on for MONTHS. From people who clearly have never read SHE-HULK.”
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Charlie Cox, the actor who plays Daredevil, recently spoke about his character’s cameo in the series, which included the superhero taking the ‘walk of shame’ after sleeping with Maslany’s Jennifer Walters.
“There are scenes that you read, and you go, ‘The fans are going to love this. This is knock-out’,” he told Digital Spy.
“Then there’s stuff like the walk of shame, where you’re like: ‘This could go two ways. This could be something that the fans really enjoy [or] it could be something that feels like it goes against the nature of what they love about the character’.”
She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is streaming on Disney+.


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