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It was recently confirmed that Spider-Man 2 will be released during Fall 2023, and Insomniac Games is celebrating the wall-crawler's 60th anniversary with five spectacular “Beyond Amazing” variant covers. Putting the Spidey from the video game series front and centre, each of these is inspired by some classic comic book covers. 
Inspired by everything from “Kraven's Last Hunt” to Web of Spider-Man #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #100, they were released with Amazing Spider-Man #13, The Amazing Spider-Man #14, Dark Web #1, Spider-Man #3, and Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt #2.
The covers feature stunning artwork by Daryl Mandryk, John Staub, Bobby Hernandez, Dennis Chan, and Oliver Fetscher, respectively.
“A great comic book cover is like a great movie poster: It should pull you and your interest in. It should show elements of the story without giving the story away,” Hernandez tells PlayStation. “It suggests the tone and emotion of the story within the pages you are about to read.”
Chan adds, “You mix that with awesome composition and design, and I feel like that truly lends itself to a great cover. For me personally, what makes a book cover great is the emotion it reflects. If the cover art can capture the audience at an emotional level, I would consider it successful.”
It's fun to see Yuri Lowenthal's Spider-Man inserted into these iconic moments, and we're very excited to see where the character's story goes next. Peter Parker and Miles Morales are both expected to be playable in the upcoming sequel, with the former likely falling under Venom's control at some point.
With a release date now confirmed, we'd expect a first look to drop early next year. We've already had a brief teaser trailer, of course, but all that did was tease Venom and confirm the Spider-Men will square off with Kraven the Hunter with the use of cinematic footage.
Check out these new variant covers below.
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