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Marvel's Star Wars comic books are gearing up for what looks set to be an epic 2023, and it all began in Star Wars: Revelations #1. The giant-sized one-shot revealed what lies ahead in titles such as Star Wars, Star Wars: Darth Vader, Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, and Star Wars: Bounty Hunters, as well as the upcoming limited series, Star Wars: Hidden Empire.
Set following the events of The Empire Strikes Back, Marvel's line of Star Wars comics has redefined the franchise's mythos with bold sagas set during this largely unexplored time period.
Those stories are far from over, and Star Wars: Revelations laid the groundwork for the major turning points to come for these adventures as they continue to head towards an unpredictable future (Marvel Comics has already covered the gap between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, so we expect to remain in this pre-Return of the Jedi timeframe for a while yet).
Written by Marc Guggenheim and illustrated by Salvador Larroca, Pere Pérez, Emma Kubert, Justin Mason, and Paul Fry, Star Wars: Revelations is set amidst the infamous lava pools of Mustafar but took readers across all corners of the Galaxy.
Darth Vader watched the very destiny of the Rebellion, the Empire, Doctor Aphra, and the Galaxy's most notorious bounty hunters in a vision that will left him, and fans, breathless. Now, Marvel Comics has released some official details on the possible future events that may or may not come to pass.
“Now, we all know that the Force can be used to glimpse the present, the past, and possible futures,” Guggenheim explains. “Well, The Eye [of Webbish Bog] is going to show Vader all of the above, including moments that will be coming into play in 2023 all across the Star Wars line.”
“It’s our clever way of giving readers a preview of what everyone has up their sleeves for next year, but this isn’t a 40-page movie trailer. It’s a real Star Wars story with Vader at the center.”
Check out a glimpse of what's on the way (via in the teaser below. 
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