Telford comic book artist developing film for his Apples characters – Shropshire Star

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Jason Wright turned to drawing comic book characters to express how he felt about his life being "different".
His ‘Apples’ characters have developed over the years and now he is making a film featuring them to help teenagers to cope with the pressures of life.
The 23-year-old artist, from Telford, was born with half a heart and has had to go through years of treatment.
He is also autistic and based his main character, Ted Hadley, on his experiences.
His movie sees Ted Hadley face a dilemma.
Jason said: “Ted has half a heart and autism and he gets bullied all the time for being disabled.
“However when a new girl moves into town as a foreign exchange student from America for three months, Ted Hadley is completely head over heels and is determined to win her heart anyway he can..
“But no matter what, it never goes right for him. To make matters worse she is due to go back to America after three months so it’s a race against the clock to tell her how he feels.”
Jason’s latest character is Bethany, a Lithuanian girl who moved to the UK.
An accident means that she has to have a leg amputated and uses a wheelchair.
“I had a lot of my characters who had different learning disabilities, but I didn’t have a character with a physical disability,” he said.
Hugh Bonneville, from Downton Abbey, voiced part of an animation that Jason did for the Young Lives Matter charity which helps young people with heart conditions.
“If I could get these published it would show young people that they are not alone and they can have friends for support,” he said.


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