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The Avengers have set the standard for super teams, and Redditors are recalling the best comic storylines to feature Marvel’s mightiest heroes.
With the release of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty on the distant horizon, fans of Marvel's mightiest heroes have decades of exciting comic book storylines to hold them over until then. With rotating lineups and cosmic implications, the best Avengers comic arcs are some of Marvel's most action-packed stories.
From early crossovers like the "Kree-Skrull War" to modern epics like Infinity, it only makes sense for the biggest superhero team in comics to have some of the most extravagant comic storylines of all time. While most Avengers comics are exciting, users on Reddit took to the site to call out the arcs that have come to define the team.
While most of the best Avengers comic book arcs are relatively short and self-contained, sometimes an entire run encompasses an excellent story and can't be broken up. Instead of picking a short arc as their favorite, user KanyevsLelouche opted for an entire run when they wrote "Avengers world."
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Coming as part of the massive Marvel NOW! rebrand, the Avengers World comic aimed to recontextualize the classic team and open it up internationally. The entire point of Marvel NOW! wasn't to reboot the books but to shift their focus and give readers a better sense of the world at large. Exceeding that goal in excellent fashion, Avengers World gave fans more of the team they loved while expanding it to encompass the entire globe.
The 1990s wasn't the best decade for Marvel Comics, but one book that thrived during those years was undoubtedly The Avengers. Pulling from a more obscure time in the book's lengthy run, user bjh1993 said "The Gatherer Saga…very weird and very '90s, but plenty of great moments."
Featuring a lineup that included Hercules and Black Knight, the Avengers of the early-'90s were almost unrecognizable from their earlier days. Even so, the stunning "Gatherers Saga" spanned several years and involved inter-dimensional intrigue that threatened to erase the original Avengers from existence. Containing some of the best Avengers comics of the '90s, "The Gatherers Saga" was a bit cheesy, but a fun ride nevertheless.
Time travel and alternate earths are run-of-the-mill for The Avengers, but some stories are just so out there that readers can't help but remember them decades later. Citing one such story, user piperson said "The Serpent Crown is a fun little romp…Englehart takes us on a wild ride."
With Kang once again up to his dirty tricks, The Avengers find themselves heading back in time to stop the timeline from being interfered with. This time travel lands some of the team in the Old West where they encounter characters from some of the greatest western comics of all time. Though "The Serpent Crown" lacks the huge scope of other storylines, it is a classic piece of Marvel Comics history and a story that is hard to put down.
Because the Avengers comics have such a lengthy legacy, some storylines actually build on ideas from older arcs. When it came to picking the storyline they loved the best, user bjh1983 didn't hesitate when they wrote "Avengers Forever is easily my favorite."
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Centering around Rick Jones and an alien conspiracy to murder him, the miniseries Avengers Forever saw the classic sidekick call on Avengers members from across the multiverse to protect him. The storyline is brilliant because it allows readers to see alternate versions of heroes with entirely different personalities. Though the storyline is accentuated by knowledge of the "Kree-Skrull War" arc, it is still accessible for novices as well.
Being one of the most powerful villains from The Avengers comics, Ultron has starred in his fair share of excellent arcs. Highlighting Ultron's darkest hour, user Jellyfish_Cookie wrote "Ultron Unlimited by Kurt Busiek and George Perez."
Returning once again to menace the world, Ultron takes over the country of Slorenia and proceeds to slaughter the entire population until The Avengers arrive to do battle with him. Though they have fought on numerous occasions, "Ultron Unlimited" marked a shift in the baddie's mentality into a cold-blooded killer. Darker than most Avengers books, the arc added real weight to the stakes.
Marvel's comics helped to define the era that they were published in, and the legendary "Korvac Saga" certainly fits that description. User littlelostpenguin wasted no time in calling out the aforementioned arc when saying "Korvac Saga no doubt! It is one of the best Avengers stories of all time."
Starting in the distant 31st century, a computer technician named Korvac comes to possess cosmic powers which inspire him to attempt to re-do the earth's past. Uniting The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, the "Korvac Saga" was yet another cosmic adventure for the team. Simple and yet effective, the "Saga" is an illustration of everything that made Marvel Comics excellent in the '70s.
Unlike many arcs which have global or even universal implications, "Under Siege" was a simple story of revenge that was executed to perfection. User NotJustKneeDeep explained their personal connection to the arc when they said "Always had a soft spot for Under Siege."
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In a moment of shocking violence, the evil Baron Zemo attacks the Avengers Mansion with a gang of super powered goons and inflicts massive damage to a bulk of The Avengers. Proving that Marvel wasn't afraid to go darker like their competition at DC, "Under Siege" was a shocking story that showed that the team wasn't totally invincible.
Coming as one of Marvel's most impactful "Wars" events in their illustrious history, the classic "Kree-Skrull War" storyline helped to usher in the modern age of Marvel Comics. Confident in their pick, user Fukubei_Hattori said "Kree-Skrull War is the best Avengers story, hands down."
The Avengers find themselves caught in an intergalactic power struggle as the Kree take on the Skrull with earth trapped in the middle. Marvel Comics had dealt with alien threats in the past, but the massive storyline was something that readers had never experienced before. Arcs had spanned a few issues, but the "Kree-Skrull War" was a bona fide event.
Though it was largely overshadowed by other arcs like "Infinity War" and "Infinity Gauntlet", the crossover event book Infinity made Thanos scary again. Calling on the book as a favorite Avengers storyline, user Morpheus965 said "I really liked Infinity."
With The Avengers away fighting the Builders, Thanos launches a strike on earth that threatens the very fabric of life on the planet. Told in the main book and in off-shoots, Infinity is a straightforward Thanos story that returns him to his simpler villainous roots. Even so, the book is classic Marvel excellence and shows the cosmic importance of The Avengers team.
Kang is one of The Avenger's oldest foes, and though he has vexed them on multiple occasions, he was never as evil as in the infamous "Kang Dynasty" storyline. Unable to pick an absolute favorite, user charlesvvv mentioned the storyline when saying "Kang Dynasty and Avengers Forever are my 2 favorites."
Achieving what no villain had achieved up to that point, Kang takes over the earth and installs himself as the brutal overlord of the planet. With that shocking set-up in mind, the story then casts The Avengers as the underdogs, and the massive arc follows them as they help to free the earth from Kang's oppression. Massive in its scope, the storyline is worth a read because it shows Marvel's mightiest heroes at their very best.
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