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Black Adam has established a new era for the DC Universe on the big screen and Redditors feel these comics have helped to establish him on the page.
Black Adam is the most recent addition to the DC Universe on the big screen, but comic book fans are well aware that the character has been making an impact on the page for years. There are a vast array of narratives to choose from when trying to decide the best from Black Adam's run.
That's why it's useful to turn to Redditors to pick out the best comic book stories that the character has appeared in. They might help to explore his psyche at a deeper level, encourage newcomers to get to know this iteration of the character, or perhaps they present the complexities and badassery of Black Adam perfectly.
Black Adam's journey is a complex one, with the character often getting named an antagonist because of his self-serving actions. In The Dark Age from writer Peter Tomasi and illustrator Doug Mahnke, he embarks on a journey to bring back the love of his life from the dead.
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It's an emotionally charged story that's recommended by one Redditor who said "Brand new to comics and just finished Black Adam: The Dark Age. Loved it." The 6 issue miniseries has become a fundamental part of the character's narrative and could make for an interesting adaptation.
Watchmen fans will be well-aware that DC Comics returned to that section of the universe, with Doomsday Clock, a narrative that acted as a sequel to the original. It brought in plenty of the franchise's most famous heroes, with Black Adam becoming a crucial part of the tale.
Written by Geoff Johns with art from Gary Frank, the 12 issues have been recommended by theshogunra who said, "As for his newer stories, he's written well in Doomsday Clock." While the series was given a mixed response from fans, the powerful villain boasted an intruiging arc that saw him offer asylum to metahumans across the world.
The Infinite Crisis event played out in a range of comic book arcs and one that always stood out is the run known as Villains United. The six-issue miniseries, which was written by Gail Simone alongside a talented team of artists, focused on a group of villains led by Lex Luthor.
Black Adam was a powerful force among the team, the comic book storyline ensuring that his influence in the villain community was strongly felt. mostlytoastly mentions the run saying "Simone wrote some Action Comics issues around the time of Infinite Crisis that features a Black Adam vs. Superman fight. Also featured a bit in Villains United." These narratives beautifully intertwine with one another, with many DCU fans wanting to see more of the comic storyline.
The Justice Society of America series is going to feature a couple of times, as it hosted a range of Black Adam arcs that resulted in him becoming a major heavy-hitter for the line. The run known as Black Reign crossed over with some other books, but largely went for 12 issues with Geoff Johns at the helm.
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A variety of artists lent their talents to the piece, which saw Black Adam impose a new, harsher regime in Kahndaq, with Hawkman's JSA emerging to battle against him. One Redditor felt it was necessary to include Black Reign on their list alongside greats like The Dark Age.
52 was an interesting experimental piece, which shouldn't be confused with the New 52 era of DC Comics. The weekly run consisted of 52 issues and hosted some of the best writers and artists in the industry. The sprawling saga includes Black Adam in some ferocious fights with dire consequences.
It's 52 that leads into runs like Dark Age with Isis's death, his beloved, taking place in the run. TheShanesaw says, "Read 52… It focuses on the more minor DC characters. Black Adam has one hell of a character arc through it." It's a constant highlight reel of brilliant storytelling throughout and is well-worth exploring.
JSA: Black Vengeance takes place over 8 issues of the Justice Society of America run and is heavily linked to many of the other previously mentioned narratives. The story follows Stargirl, whose family have been murdered, alongside revelations of the Justice Society's past foes.
Black Adam's role in the Geoff Johns narrative is vast, with one Reddit user saying, "He's a prominent player in JSA: Black Reign and JSA:Black Vengeance." The narratives are intrinsically linked, but it would be spoiler-territory to go into further details. For those wanting a great Black Adam arc, perhaps the JSA run as a whole is more fitting.
Black Adam's abilities seemingly know no bounds. When the character is fully unleashed he can cause chaos and bloodshed. The 4 issue miniseries, known as World War III, was an example of that, with writers Keith Champagne, John Ostrander, and a huge range of artists telling a gruesome tale.
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This Redditor recommends it saying, "World War 3, you wanna see what a ****** off Black Adam can do? You NEED to read WW3." While it's linked to 52, it was also set up as a separate story that saw Black Adam rage across the planet, the heroes of Earth trying to prevent his destructive rampage from hurting any more innocents.
The JSA run has been so important for fleshing out Black Adam as the foe many now see him as. But he has quite the tragic narrative on the page that took Black Adam far away from the villains he was once fighting. The loss of his love was further established thanks to the romance story of Black Adam & Isis.
From Jerry Ordway and Geoff Johns with art by Jerry Ordway and Dale Eaglesham, a familiar Reddit user also notes that the run is worth checking out. The narrative sees the JSA brought together to face a vengeful Black Adam, who still attempts to rescue the soul of his wife, who has now been trapped by a sorcerer.
Fans of the comics will be well-aware that the arch-nemesis of Black Adam is Shazam. The characters share a similar magical origin and have fought one another countless times. The Shazam! run that helped to establish the character in the New 52, saw him face his usual villain of Black Adam.
It's a great read for those who want to see the dynamic between the two established, with the run from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank linking into the Justice League series. NomadicJaguar64t puts it best by saying "The Shazam backup in Geoff Johns' N52 Justice League had Black Adam in it and it was amazing!"
There are some brilliant newer narratives that move Black Adam in a slightly different direction compared to his JSA run. The Year of the Villain event that DC Comics ran featured Black Adam in one of their stories, with the one-shot coming from the minds of writer Paul Jenkins​​​​​​​ and artist Inaki Miranda.
theshogunra posted separately to make mention of the comic saying, "For getting to know the character better in general, Dark Age is a great start, but his role in JSA (1999) and 52 are definitive. I'd also recommend the new Black Adam: Year of the Villain." This is a great wrap up of some standout Black Adam stories, but the way this narrative twists the conflict with a corrupt Shazam is spectacular.
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