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These cosplays have superpowers that elevated them to the highest-viewed comic cosplays of the year! Lets see who reigns supreme!
‘Tis the season for going through closets, de-stuffing things, and taking account of where we’ve been and what we’ve done this year. To help break up the post-holiday monotony, we’ve put together a stellar list of cosplay “best of’s”- today we’re diving into the highest-viewed comic cosplays of the year! Chosen by you!

The ladies are on top yet again with this comic cosplay list. Each of the top 5 spots is filled with a star-powered lady. Whether it’s a DC superhero or a Marvel Mutant, we’ve got some of the best cosplays around for your viewing pleasure. The fans dictate the whims of our content here at BoLS, and this list is the top 5 highest viewed (by you) comic cosplays of the year. Enjoy!

Cosplay inspiration comes from a variety of sources, and we love when it comes from the original art. For the first cosplay collab on our list, Gracie the Cosplay Lass has taken to the comic art to inspire her cosplay photoshoot. Spider-Man is a never-ending staple of the Marvel comics franchise, and this set inspired by the art of J Scott Campbell was an immediate hit with BoLS fans.
Spider-Man is one of the most beloved of the Marvel franchises. Peter Parker and his cast of gorgeous love interests have been rocking the comic pages for decades, and many artists have taken to the page to depict them. This week we’re featuring a gorgeous Spider-Man comic cover recreation shoot by Gracie the Cosplay Lass.

Everyone loves a villain-turned-antihero, and Harley Quinn tops the charts. She’s the one of two villains appearing on our top five list, and it’s no surprise. With the recent raging success of the Harley Quinn animated show and the Margot Robbie movie, Harley is back in our thoughts and here to stay. This cosplay article featured a wide gamut of Harley looks, spanning the comics, shows, and videogames she has graced.
DC doesn’t do much right these days, as evidenced by the recent flops with multiple movies in their cinematic universe. 2016’s Suicide Squad was a nightmare of botched editing and scrapped plot lines… with some questionable costuming choices to boot. Margot Robbie shines above the mess to showcase the fabulousness that is Harley Quinn in the recent movies, and this week, we’re celebrating the best of Harley Quinn comics cosplay!

Our Lady of Destruction reigns supreme! Thor: Ragnarok was an explosive success for Marvel, and introduced us to Hela. Odin’s first child and his most rage-filled, Hela demanded justice for the treatment of her earlier years. This article about Hela cosplays is sensational and full of power. Each cosplayer brings major energy to the table, it’s no surprise that Hela is the top villain of the year!
Thor: Ragnarok is one of the most widely acclaimed movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Cate Blanchett enters as the iconic goddess of Death, the lady Hela herself. She traipsed onto the screen with her gravelly voice and seductive charisma, wooing audiences and cosplayers alike. This week we’re celebrating some iconic Hela cosplay.

Our number two comic cosplay article of the year is taking it back to the old school. Jean Grey has always been my favorite mutant, and I was thrilled to see this article take off in 2022. Though there have been tons of iterations of the Jean Grey look- from Marvel Girl to Dark Phoenix and beyond, this classic ’90s version really wowed the BoLS crowd this year. Each cosplayer went above and beyond to bring Jean’s powers into their images, and the results are stunning!
Jean Grey is one of the most popular (and powerful) heroines in the Marvel comics universe. With her crimson hair and ability to move objects with her mind, she is a striking figure with a long and storied past. This week, we’re here to check out some classic Jean Grey DC Cosplays!

The top spot of 2022 belongs to the misanthrope of the Teen Titans, miss Raven. A completely surprising addition to our cosplay greats, Raven hit the scene hard and kept on climbing over time. the Raven article topped our charts for a few weeks, showing just how popular teenage angst can be. Each cosplayer took a different angle of bringing Raven to life, but all of them go hard at bringing attitude to the scene. Congratulations to these cosplayers for making Raven the top boss of comic cosplays in 2022!
We’re all aware that teenage emotions are volatile at best. DC comics managed to make an entire series out of the concept, bringing us the youthful, charming and often angsty Teen Titans. Although they are younger than most superheroes, they pack a fierce punch, and this week we’re here to brood along with Teen Titans Raven cosplays straight out of DC comics.

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