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The Joker gives birth to a a baby and then they fall in love in current DC Comics
DC Comics seems to be adapting to the new times as one of the latest editions of the Joker comics shows the character being pregnant breaking a long-established cannon.
The latest comic book was published by DC Comics, the series written by Matthew Rosenberg and penciler Carmine Di Giandomenico created a scenario where the Joker wanted to have an heir that had his full DNA, makeup, and all.
To make this happen, the most famous clown in comics persuades the wizard Zatanna, however, she wants nothing to do with the Joker and she casts a spell but it backfires and he is the one that becomes pregnant.
He then gives birth to a “mud-baby” that later becomes another version of the Joker
Seeing the cape crusader’s arch nemesis with a baby bump has republicans fuming as some would expect because the punchline is that while he gives birth to a mutated version of the Joker, they fall in love.
Of course, many people on Twitter are saying that DC Comics is trying to push the “LGBTQ+ agenda” to the public as a new version of Superman shows his son coming out as bisexual.
There is never the mention of the word “trans” however, the crowd did not welcome it with open arms as there are some that were very confused about the farfetched storyline, however, the Joker is still one of the most popular characters out there, to a point where some argue that he will become even more famous than Batman himself.
With the new Joker movie coming out featuring the return of Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck and Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn, Batman’s antagonist is getting lots of fans.
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