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Everyone around me is sick or smells so I have locked myself deep within the lair and writen another one of these.  My standards are different from the HOT 10 but there may be some crossover which is unintentional.  You will not see 99% of all variants on this list but you might see standard-size comics, non-standard size comics,  adult comics, magazines, ashcans, previews, previews of previews, newspapers, journals, manga, mini-comics, treasuries,  toy comics, fruit roll-up comics, foreign comics, regional price-variants, Lego comics, cinematic comic adaptations and underground comics. Basically,  any place comics exist could appear here.
If you like variants this is not the place for you.  If you are easily offended you might want to head on over to the land of the ancients where story matters most but no one can remember any comic stories, just the covers.  Or head to your LCS where the odds are high that some crusty old fart is  bitching about speculators while forgetting that we help failing business models stay afloat. For the rest,  I hope you all enjoy this article!
The reverse order is intentional.
Here’s another final issue by a great artist. Recent sales  between 60-100 are typical.  CGC grades over 9.6 go for a lot more.

Persistent MCU rumors are fueling this one.  I really dig the Sentry so I hope he does appear in some capacity.

Look if you own any covers depicting high school girls swimming you can’t bitch about collecting rare true crime. This might be there rarest of the lot.

One of the more incredible Manara covers, this issue is currently doing pretty well on Ebay. I wouldn’t mind someone adding captions for each spectator or maybe a homage cover but with robots.

Say what you will about this book appearing on lists but it continues to sell for big money despite the massive print run.  Recent sales over 100 raw put it at 4 on my list.

Still one of the more important DC comics ever printed, the multiverse may be a Marvel thing to the average fan, but comic people know that DC is where the multiverse really matters.

Seraphim published these in two volumes with this one selling for crazy money. Hardcovers and softcovers are not easy to find.

OK I know, this book appeared on the Hot 10 last week but hear me out. This comic has a lot going for it. It is rare, especially in high grade. It is a foreign first, only available inside an issue of a magazine and it is NOT a preview.  There are three original shorts inside including one by Abnett.  There are currently no auctions and a handful of BINs at high prices. Such prices are warranted based on recent sales.  Warhammer is an expansive property that could easily be the next GOT but in space.  I wouldn’t sleep on it.


High Grade copies go for around 15-20 and there are newsstands.  Certain Bongo books do very well, others are overlooked.  This is a publishing company I would be giving a close look at. You can find a lot of  keys cheap and many have a lot of long-term potential.

The first standard appearance of the White Ranger is picking up steam. This is one to grab cheap and hold imo.  I really dig the cover on this one too!
This article has been brought to you by Topher S.  You can check out True Firsts here.

Love MMPR 4 pick!!
underrated cover imo
Warhammer better not be as boring and slow as GoT
Brought up a very good point about the multiverse. Marvel basically stole it I never
consider that till now lol.
Yes Radioactive man has been selling very well for awhile now. Those late issue newsstand
copies are nightmares in high grade. Id be all over that warhammer issue in any grade cheap.
Never seen a Nam 84 I look at the time no luck.
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