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So I always read the  HOT TEN by Ben S.  Just like many of you, I wait and wait…and wait for it!  It is one of the few comic articles I still geek out for. It is a well written, painstakingly thought-out addition to CBSI.  It helps remind me that comics are meant to be fun and Uncle Ben’s list is about as fun as speculative articles get. So why another list? Well, personally I am not a huge fan of many, many modern variants for a lot of reasons. I want to do a list designed to avoid those types of books.
     This is really just another attempt by me to provide a list devoid of manufactured heat.  To be honest there are a ton of books I could have included but these stood out.
The reverse order is intentional.
Recent sales for runs of this series are massive but issue 1 is still a solid seller even in lower grades. Look for the trade too! A VF copy at auction will run you between 60-90.
Now this is a Shadow of the Bat I would buy. It isn’t just the last two Joe books that do well these days. All these later issues are solid sellers.
Recent heat on this is surprising. I love seeing books that were once hot rise back to the surface. That black cover is gonna make high grade copies tough to snag.
No Matter what you think of this book a recent VF/NM sale of 500 means it is still a solid Miles comic.

Rarity continues to drive up sales on this one.  Regularly going for over 200, it sees a lot of action when they  come to market.
A few places have mentioned this recently including the CBSI show. Good luck finding copies that don’t look chewed on.

Apparently Budd Root’s scantily clad femme fatale is still highly coveted by collectors. Issue 1 has a great cover. Sometimes you can get lucky and find this one in the wild unlike other bad girls keys from the same era.
Yea, yea, this isn’t a single issue but one cannot deny the prices some of these packs go for. Let me tell you, there are many others that are seriously undervalued.
It always amazes me when I see some video game comics do well and others do nothing just based on the announcement of a show or movie.  Most of the time it really feels random.  Regardless of the reasons this book is a monster.


Over at CBSI we don’t sleep on trades either. Currently this one is killin’ it.

Recent sales are modest but good enough to make the honorable mention list. This one holds a special place in my heart.  I remember when this was the McFarlane Spidey cover to own not 300.
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Love your list. Lots of books that I would not normally come across. I hope to you can make this a regular thing.
Oops, delete that “to”
Heck yeah. Kudos Topher on pulling the trigger on a list like this. And I absolutely feel you on that ASM 312. That and #311 with Mysterio are 2 of my favorite comics of all time. Many blessings upon your household.
So true about Mysterio.
Great list- much appreciated (that you took your time to do what many in the comment section had asked for)
Thx man!
Very cool. I hope this is a weekly thing.
Tough to say, I have done two of these and I sometimes add top ten lists to True Firsts. These days, with such a busty schedule, I run with my impulses more than anything else! I appreciate the praise.
Thanks for doing this – great initiative on your part. And I’m a sucker for anything Hobgoblin, was so psyched to buy that ASM off the rack when it was published
Thank you for taking the time to comment!
Echo all of the above comments! Well done!
Also wanted to mention Sentai 6, good luck even finding a copy! 1st Kamen Rider
Good addition but your suggestion brings up an interesting point I have been meaning to cover. So there is no comic for Kamen in Sentai 6. Though the format is a comic size and there have been comics inside of other issues, all we really have here is action shots of Kamen Rider from the show on the cover. This is also true for the Japanese Spider-Man in Sentai but not for the MMPR who appear on the cover of Sentai 2 as drawn for a comic book. . I have a hard time calling those firsts but it is up for debate! There is a similar problem with Anime/manga properties. I don’t see Mangazine 21 as a comic appearance for Sailor Moon because she is on the cover as an anime still. Bit issue 44 is the first comic appearance for Dragonball.
I would look at MMPR vs Ninja Rangers 5 for Kamen Rider’s first comic appearance ( cameo ). It is undervalued, clearly the Marvel/comic debut and there is a newsstand.
This should probably replace the ‘real’ top 10 permanently, we haven’t gotten a proper 10 without variants for awhile. Not to pile onto Ben but if there’s actually a competing list on the same friggin site, I think it’s a sign that people are just sick of all the variants.
While I appreciate the support this is not a competing list. Think of it as complimentary. There’s room for lists with different theme’s. right?
Definitely room for both.
Great Job! I hope you keep em coming.
No love for Marvel Preview #51? It has as much Red Hulk in it as Hulk#1.
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