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Exclusive: Skybound Entertainment CEO reveals interest in continuing The Walking Dead original comic series, but says it depends on Robert Kirkman.
Skybound Entertainment co-founder and CEO David Alpert reveals that the possibility of The Walking Dead original comic book series continuing is completely up to Robert Kirkman. The Walking Dead comic, created by Kirkman and Tony Moore, was first published in October 2003 and ran for sixteen years, with the final issue, #193, released in July 2019. Kirkman shocked longtime readers when he decided to end the long-running comic book series without warning. Issue #193 picks up twenty-five years after the events of issue #192, with a new world order in place.
In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Alpert explains that Skybound Entertainment is open to The Walking Dead original comic series continuing if Kirkman decides he is interested. Alpert shares a deep love for The Walking Dead, including the novels, the Clementine graphic novel, and the original graphic novel series. He also reveals that he, like many fans, is curious about what happened between issue #192 and issue #193.
Screen Rant: But now that The Walking Dead prime show has ended, is there any chance to revive the prime comic book series?
David Alpert: I would say the answer is whatever Robert wants to do, Robert will do. He brought back The Walking Dead in the deluxe form when we ended up coloring the black and white books, and I think that's been a great experience. I thought the Clementine graphic novel has been awesome, and it's been great. It's fun for me to read. The Walking Dead novels that we've done have been fun. So, I would love nothing more, there's a big gap in that story.
You get to issue 193, and you're sort of like, "All right, there's a lot that happened before this issue." There's a whole chunk of that story, Robert, that you haven't told us. It seems like you're out there teasing us. I don't know. I would love for some of our fans just to let him know that they want to see that come back, because I'm pretty certain he has all that stuff in his head, and I'm just waiting for him to tell us, because he hasn't told me.

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The world of The Walking Dead continues to grow and flourish, with novels, video games, the Clementine graphic novel, and a number of Walking Dead television spin-offs on the horizon. However, there are still questions regarding the comic that spawned the hugely successful franchise. The biggest unanswered questions come from the time jump between The Walking Dead issues #192 and #193. The world evolved to the point that many forgot or didn't know the dangers others had lived through during The Trials. How civilization fully reestablished itself wasn't addressed, nor was the immediate fallout of Rick's death explored beyond seeking justice for his murder.
Issue #193 also introduced a number of potential storylines, including Carl and Michonne's rise to prominence, walkers becoming a rarity, and Hershel's antagonistic relationship with Carl. Kirkman left The Walking Dead open-ended, not only with the finale's unexpectedly hopeful ending but also with the twenty-five-year time jump. Alpert expresses his curiosity about the time skip and a belief that Kirkman does have ideas, and fans of the series would no doubt be interested in seeing a much different reality play out in future comics.
There are a number of loose threads that could be picked up if Kirkman decides to continue the original The Walking Dead comic. One intriguing possibility could be to follow the older Carl Grimes as the new protagonist of the comic. This would be an opportunity to explore how the world has evolved over the course of twenty-five years beyond the Commonwealth without backtracking. Kirkman could also reveal what happened to the beloved characters, including those who survived the time skip and how their lives have changed. The Walking Dead is rich with untapped story potential, and hopefully, Kirkman will find the inspiration to continue telling this story. It seems Alpert, like many fans, is not only willing but hoping to see this story continue. Now, it might be up to fans to show Kirkman that they are not finished with The Walking Dead original comic.
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