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The wily Rosita had a heartbreaking finale as The Walking Dead ended its TV stint, but her fate in the comics was much more horrific.
The following contains major spoilers for The Walking Dead finale, "Rest In Peace," which debuted Sunday, Nov. 20 on AMC.
Now that The Walking Dead has finally finished, fans have been poring over the finale and what happened to the crew Rick Grimes looked after. Even without Rick leading, or Michonne there to guide them with her sword, the alliance persevered, reaching the Commonwealth, although in time they'd realize this wasn't a paradise. War broke out with the boss, Pamela, leading to new partnerships being formed, and the likes of Carol and Daryl stepping up to save their people.
One other member of the old guard that played an important role was Christian Serrato's Rosita — a fan-favorite from the comics. Unfortunately, she didn't make it out alive, carving one of the show's most heartbreaking endings. However, her fate in the book was much darker, making the TV series' death look like a walk in the park.
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In the finale, Rosita worked with Eugene and Father Gabriel to rescue kids when things got violent at the Commonwealth. It was ironic, as they were involved in a love triangle, but they got over the issue. Now, it was all about saving the daughter she had with Siddiq, i.e. Coco, as well as the other children. Sadly, in the escape, Rosita got bitten by walkers after a herd caught up with them. Many thought she avoided injury after climbing out of the rabid pack, but she showed Eugene the bite mark on her neck, affirming she was indeed infected. Luckily, she got to have dinner, watching her friends and family prepping to survive.
More so, she knew Coco would be in good hands, which is why she was at peace in bed when Eugene tended to her. She died off-screen, telling him she was glad he'd be there at the end to put her down when she turned. It was a quiet sendoff built on endearment and romance, as Eugene did love her. It's something Serrato pitched to the creative team as she felt it'd be a good way to go out. She wasn't into the anxiety of wondering if she'd be in spinoffs, so she wanted a conclusion showcasing her heart, but also the gravity of this zombie apocalypse.
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Rosita's TV death paled in comparison to what transpired in Robert Kirkman's comics. There, she had a tumultuous time finding love, juggling feelings for Abraham, then having a bond with Eugene, before getting pregnant by someone else. However, no one could have prepared readers for her ultimate fate. Rosita was one of the victims when Alpha infiltrated the fairgrounds to kickstart the Whisperer War.
The villain took Rosita, killed and beheaded her in The Walking Dead #144 (by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, Cliff Rathburn, and Rus Wooton) before marking the zone with a collection of heads. The border contained Ezekiel's head too, but Rosita's was quite horrific as Alpha killed a pregnant woman. This was pretty dark, made even worse by Andrea having to destroy Rosita's zombified head to give her closure. In this way, Alpha proved to be more monstrous than the Walkers, never giving Rosita a shot at happiness the way the show did for a short time.
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