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Costume designer Mayes C. Rubeo has explained the influences behind the new costumes for Thor and Mighty Thor.
Costume designer Mayes C. Rubeo has given an insight into some of the decisions behind the redesign of Thor’s super suit in Thor: Love and Thunder. The designer revealed that colours, adhering to comic lore, and respecting Natalie Portman’s veganism were all key factors when creating the characters’ new super suits.
Costume designer Rubeo told Deadline she used her knowledge of the thunder god’s lore and the old comics to provide Dr. Jane Foster (Portman) with an updated look. “It was based on the old comics. We try to honour those iconic costumes in a way and transport them to a modern era with technology,” Rubeo said of Portman’s costume when she wields Mjölnir and becomes Mighty Thor. Whilst adhering to the lore, she incorporated modern materials to create a more modern look that would appease the audience. “The audience is looking for something really amazing, for new materials that are so modern and flexible and versatile.”
As part of both the modern look and to reflect his personality, flashier colours were used for Thor. “Thor is going through a moment of insecurity. Imagine when an animal wants to be more intimidating—he grows bigger and gets shinier and brighter,” Rubeo said, explaining that because Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is attempting to get over his ex-girlfriend, Jane, in Thor: Love and Thunder, he has forgone the silver and black of past suits in favour of vibrant golds and blues. Rubeo has dubbed the suit the “insecure Thor outfit.”
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Similarly, Gorr the God Butcher’s (Christian Bale) change from black to white also held significance for his characterisation. “In the comic books, Gorr was all in black,” Rubeo said, acknowledging the original lore. However, whilst black had already been heavily used in the other characters’ costumes, a mute colour was still needed to contrast the flashy and vibrant colours of the heroes. She came to the idea that white could still serve this purpose, reflecting a character who has had to reside in the shadow realm and who has lost everything. “The villain doesn’t have to be in black to be a villain. [White] is also very scary,” she said, noting how it makes him stand out from the shadows. “Sometimes his complexion is whiter; sometimes he has a flesh colour but is still very pale. It was really striking to see him in this fashion.”
Rubeo ensured she not only played to the characters, but to the actors wearing the suits. Most noteably, Rubeo paid particular attention to the materials she used for Portman’s character, sourcing materials that did not come from animals or animal-related products in respect to her veganism. “For the most part, her costumes are plastic and synthetic materials. I respect her so much, and the least I could do is to accommodate this to make her costume,” Rubeo explained.
Thor: Love and Thunder is currently streaming on Disney+. Check out the official trailer for the film:


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