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Welcome back everyone.  Thank you for stopping by to check out the latest TF. You can also find me here: @comic_book_true_firsts
Here are some observations….
The Kornish Game Hen is my new favorite NBA nickname!
Black Adam really sucked which is strange because I enjoyed almost all the characters.
James Gunn better make a Major Bummer movie.
Kevin Bacon needs a comic first.
Early Rocket Raccoon appearances are still undervalued.
I sure how we get a Doctor Fate Halloween costume next year.
OK on to this weeks pics, enjoy.!

Max Overload 1
First comic appearance ( and only? ) for Toe jam & Earl, The Lemmings
Well well, Amazon is making a Toe Jam and Earl film?!  As a fan of this game I am intrigued. While these characters did enjoy some popularity it does seem like another odd choice for a production on any platform. It just goes to show you though, if Space Channel 5 can get a movie, anything can and we shouldn’t be sleeping on any property from video games that one enjoyed a large following. Toe Jam and others have comics in issues 1-3 of this short-lived series.

The Comic Book Story of Basketball
First appearance of Brittney Griner
Welp, we just traded the Lord of War for the Queen of Green.  I am surprised no one posted her first comic book appearance. Here it is.

The Dark Tower Sketchbook
This one predates the comic series and is also in standard comic book format.


The Transformers Winter Special UK 1986
First appearance of Arcee, Unicron and others.
I mentioned Beast Wars again last week. This book predates the US series.  It’s publication is similar to Marvel’s treatment of other adaptations where they would release the entire story in a magazine sized comic and later release it again as a limited comic series. I am not sure why the UK got it’s release first but this one is a gem.

And remember, the Beast Wars first appeared here,


Power Rangers Turbo vs Beetleborgs Metallix
First comic appearance of the Beetleborgs
Though they did appear in a magazine comic earlier, the Beetleborgs make their comic debut here in these rare comics from Acclaim. This is the first of three.

Attack on Titan ( Not For Resale Edition )
This is the first US appearance of the popular franchise. The only way to tell the difference is the not for resale box on the back. It predates the US Manga series.
The true first is below ( serialized )

See ya next time!
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Since we’re talking “Attack on Titan” — what do you think of “Attack on Titan Anthology Preview FCBD 2016”? From my research, this seems to be the first appearance of the IP in a “slabbable” U.S. standard comic book. Am I mistaken? I’m trying to figure out why this is a $2 book in high grade, where One Punch Man/MHA FCBD from the same year is selling for $50, and Demon Slayer ZOM FCBD from 2021 is a $10 book.
Attack on Titan appears in a short story vs the Avengers in Secret Wars 0 from 2015 which I believe is the first standard US appearance. It is a reprinting of a story from the Japanese magazine Brutus, an undervalued but readily available issue.
I think the One Punch Man book you mention only has value because of the claims about it being a first and due to the fact that it is a standard US book. Although citing “standard US book” seems to sometimes be a way that speculators have tried to create a collecting sub category.
I like the idea of collecting standard US firsts but not at the expense of naming the real one.
Thanks for the info on Secret Wars 0! Makes total sense, and you’re right — still seems tremendously undervalued nonetheless. I think manga firsts are still a funny thing to talk from a spec standpoint — the phonebook-sized magazines are a bit unwieldy to store and collect, and very difficult to find in great condition in the states, but they are what I’d ideally want to collect for myself if I’m looking for true firsts. Absent of that, Japanese first editions of the tankobons, and only after that whatever comes first stateside. The advantage of the standard U.S. comic books (or GNs or magazines) from a spec standpoint is that they’re slabbable, which theoretically enhances their resaleability. But I’d take “true firsts” for my personal collection.
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