Tom DeFalco, Adam Pollina, Blake Northcott, Jim Cheung and More Launch EY3K0N Comic Anthology (Exclusive) –

By Timothy Adams
An AR-enabled cypherpunk anthology is coming from a collection of renowned comic book creators. Rebel Studios is bringing together creative talent from Disney, Marvel, DC, Heavy Metal Magazine, and Xbox Studios for the EY3K0N anthology, a series of comic book stories set in the EY3K0N world that will explore what society might look like in the near future. The creative talent attached includes Tom DeFalco, Adam Pollina, Blake Northcott, Jim Cheung, Jae Lee, Siya Oum, Ulises Arreola, Ron Frenz, Pat Olliffe, Richard Starking, Allesandro Micelli, Kewber Baal, Fernando Ruiz, and A.K.A.
Fans will be able to access the EY3K0N anthology through digital comics on, and there are plans for physical, printed comics throughout 2023. There will be plenty of Easter eggs and rabbit holes for eagle-eyed fans to follow, so depending on how deep you wanna dig, your experience will change. A free NFT airdrop (initially to EY3K0N First Edition NFT holders, which was released earlier in 2022, and invited guest projects) will act as an access pass to the Web3 interactive experience layer. Sneak peeks of the art reveal what appears to be a blank pill which looks like the start of something reminiscent of The Matrix meets Ready Player One. The creative team is expecting alternative reality gaming and augmented reality experiences to play an integral part as the comic series unfolds. 
The EY3K0N anthology includes a creative roster from comics and gaming, with Sean Stewart as lead writer (Former Creative Director, Xbox Studios) and creator of “The Beast” which accompanied the release of Spielberg’s AI, Stewart Waterson (co-creator of Grand Theft Auto) and Jesse McMillin (former creative director at Lyft and Virgin America).
“I wasn’t part of the Marvel Bullpen in the early 1960s. I wasn’t there when Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and a host of others built the creative foundations of what has come to be known as the Marvel Universe,” Tom DeFalco said. “But I am here today as Jesse McMillin, Adam Pollina, Blake Northcott, Jimmy Cheung, Alessandro Micelli, Ron Frenz, Patrick Olliffe, Fernando Ruiz, and a host of others shape the EY3K0N Universe. It’s exhilarating to be part of a creative team filled with so much energy, openness and support. Exciting new characters, intriguing new ideas and fascinating new worlds spring from every discussion. I’m having an ever-lovin’ blast and I know the readers will, too.”
“EY3K0N’s creative team reminds me of the early days of Image Comics, where the top creators from all different companies collaborated to build something fresh and groundbreaking. It’s such a warm, welcoming environment. I’ve never felt so creatively liberated,” Blake Northcott said. “If Marvel is ‘The world outside your window’, EY3K0N is ‘The world of tomorrow’. It’s a vision of the inevitable future we’re racing towards, exploring how we’re not just relying on technology anymore — we’re integrated with it. Our immersion into the virtual space is deepening, and EY3K0N dives into all aspects of these uncharted waters.”
Sean Stewart, EY3K0N lead writer, said, “As a writer, I think the world of EY3K0N is terrifically entertaining. It’s got big personalities scheming and scrapping and falling in love, set in a world that underscores just how weird our influencer-driver, AI-managed future might be. We’re willing to give you a few shivers, but this is ultimately not a grim dystopia (if you want that, turn on the news!)”
Continue reading for a description of some of the stories found in the EY3K0N anthology, along with artwork. The first issue of the digital comic is slated for release on December 22nd.
It’s the 2040’s. Autocrats and corporations are busily launching each season’s exciting new tyranny. It’s possible seawater is sloshing through the streets of New York. It’s possible all your kitchen appliances have names and get snippy if you don’t pronounce them correctly. Don’t blame us, we’re just the messenger.
In this wildly networked world, a band of free spirits establishes a ‘digital state’ that raises a proud middle finger against despair. Governing their oddball nation is a ruling council of ten hyper-influencers – the EY3K0NS.
They fight, they feud, they fall in love, and like the gods of Olympus their intrigues rock the foundations of the metaverse. They are brilliant, they are petty; above all they are fabulous. They are EY3K0NS.
1ND1R4 – If Gwyneth Paltrow and Mother Theresa had a baby together and raised it as a sweet-natured Greta Thornburg… that would be the woman who grew up to be 1ND1R4. That is, she is frightfully beautiful, has a heart as big as all outdoors and the best of intentions: which is to save the world. But she’s willing to do ANYTHING to meet her goals.
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