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There have been many Superman Christmas and Holiday themed covers over the years, with DC publishing many different specials involving the entire cast of DC heroes and villains. There have also been many posters and products that have also included Christmas themed imagery of Superman. Not including those types of comic book specials or other collectible items, here are our Top 10 Christmas and Holiday themed Superman-specific comic book covers.
No. 10 – DC Comics Presents #67
Superman and Santa Claus – With a cover date of March 1984, this issue of “DC Comics Presents” features a cover by the incomparable José Luis García-López. The Toyman hides behind a chimney as Superman, Santa Claus and his reindeers fly towards the villain and his menacing toys. In the story within, titled “‘Twas the Fright Before Christmas!,” Santa Claus helps Superman stop Toyman and replaces all the Christmas toys that Toyman rigged for evil.

No. 9 – Superman’s Christmas Adventure Vol 2
This one-shot special was published in December 1944 and features a cover by Jack Burnley in which Superman stands behind a Christmas tree as children surround a seated Santa Claus. In the story within, titled “Merry Christmas, Everybody!,” metal is in short supply due to the war, and Santa Claus is having trouble making toys. Clark Kent and Lois Lane are stranded on an island where they discover seven dwarfs who lead them to crashed Japanese planes which Superman uses to make thousands of metal toys that he and Santa will distribute to boys and girls all over the United States.

No. 8 – Adventure Comics #113
Released in December 1946, with a cover date of February 1947, and a cover image drawn by Stan Kaye and George Roussos. “Adventure Comics #113” features Superboy carrying Santa Claus on the cover. In the story, titled “The 33rd Christmas!,” after 32 years and a disastrous house fire in which his wife was injured, Nick the janitor doesn’t have the funds to be the school’s secret Santa anymore. But Superboy gathers the students together to provide Nick with a Christmas he’ll never forget and one he deserves!

No. 7 – Action Comics #117
Released in December 1947, with a cover date of February 1948, the cover of “Action Comics #117” was drawn by Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye. On the cover two children and Santa Claus are surprised as Superman enters the room via the chimney. The Superman story within is titled “Christmastown, USA!” In the story Christmastown is flooded, but Superman helps turn the disaster into Central Valley’s most amazing Christmas ever.

No. 6 – Superman #64
Released in December 1991, featuring a cover date of February 1992, the cover to “Superman #64” is by none other than Dan Jurgens and shows Superman reading a Christmas letter. The story within is titled “Metropolis Mailbag” and features Superman spending the night reading letters from around the world asking for his help. Though the Last Son of Krypton can bend steel with his bare hands, change the course of mighty rivers, and leap tall buildings in a single bound, there are still some things even a Superman can’t do.

No. 5 – Superman #165
Released in December 2000, with a cover date of February 2001 and a cover image by Ed McGuinness. On the cover Superman and Lois look upon a box of Christmas decorations featuring images of members of the Justice League. “Superman #165” features a story titled “Help!” The Man of Steel is faced with a pair of dilemmas one of which is finding gifts for the JLA for the holidays, and the other problem is simply making him nuts!

No. 4 – Superman’s Christmas Adventure Vol 1
Published in December 1940, this one-shot special features a cover by Jack Burnley depicting Superman carrying Santa towards the chimney on a roof of a house. In the story within, to save Christmas, Superman battles to defend jolly old Saint Nick himself, Santa Claus!

No. 3 – Action Comics #1005 Variant Cover
With a cover date of January 2019, the variant cover to “Action Comics #1005” is by Francis Manapul. On this cover Superman carries a red sack filled with toys as children wait on the ground below. Part 5 of the “Invisible Mafia” saga, the story within isn’t a Christmas themed story. Clark Kent draws closer to revealing a secret crime family that has operated for years in Metropolis, but the family’s enforcer—the mysterious Red Cloud—proves she’s a match for even the Man of Steel with an attack that leaves Superman breathless.

No. 2 – Action Comics #105
Released in December 1946, with a cover image by Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye, “Action Comics #105” has a cover date of February 1947 and features Superman helping Santa fit into a chimney. The Superman story within is titled “The Man Who Hated Christmas!” and was written by Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel. Jasper Rasper hates Christmas and tries to assassinate Santa Claus, but Superman is on hand to prevent it.

No. 1 – Action Comics #93
Released in December 1945, with a cover date of February 1946, the cover by Wayne Boring shows Superman carrying a decorated globe towards a group of children standing in front of a Christmas tree. The Superman story within, written by Don Cameron, is titled “Christmas ‘Round the World!”. As Superman reunites refugees with their families all over the world, he witnesses many different ways of celebrating Christmas.

Those are our Top 10 Christmas and Holiday themed Superman comic book covers.
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Thanks for the video, Steve! I think that variant cover for Action Comics #1005 is by Francis Manapul. It looks like his style.

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