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As comic books begin to make their transition onto the digital world with subscription based sites such as DC Infinite or Comixology, the time of printed comic books is beginning to dwindle. However, as publishers begin to make the change, it only makes the value of printed comics start to increase. And considering the massive film franchise that is Marvel Studios, the more characters they incorporate into their media, the higher in value their first appearance comics become. These are some of the most highest valued comic books in history.
Just to show where printed comics stand in value, we found the top ten comics that have been sold at their highest value for the grade they were sold at. Keep in mind this list is subject to change in time, this list is as of July 2022.
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Published in September 1963 and created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby this issue gives us our first team appearance with Cyclops, Jean Grey (AKA Marvel Girl), Iceman, Angel, Beast and Professor X. As well as the first appearance of their arch rival, Magneto. Not only did it introduce one of the most famous superhero teams in comics, but also the concept of Homo Superior. Which comes as the scientific term for Mutants and has since been a major storyline in X-Men comics with themes of segregation and political agendas.
Published in November 1961 and once again created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, known as a landmark issue for comic books as the Age of Marvel Comics. While this isn’t the first appearance of the Human Torch (details on that later), it is the first appearance of Mr. Fantastic, The Thing and the Invisible Woman as well as their first time together as a team. The Fantastic Four has not had the best success being done justice in live-action films, but fans hopes are high with this Marvel family making their debut in the MCU with a new film currently in development.
Published in December 1941 with writer E. E. Hibbard and artist Gardner Fox, this issue is the first appearance and origin story of Wonder Woman. Although the writing and art credit go to Hibbard and Fox for the comic book, it is actually William Moulton Marston who created Wonder Woman. This comic also featured the first appearances of her mother and Queen of the Amazon, Hippolyta. Also making their debut is Wonder Woman’s love interest Steve Trevor.
Detective Comics 27 1
Published in May 1939 by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, this comic might not be the most expensive but perhaps the most popular as the first ever appearance of Batman. After the success of Superman, comic publishers wanted a follow up character that could match the popularity of the Man of Steel. On came Kane and Finger to present one of the most recognizable heroes to hit the comic stands. This comic also featured the debut of Commissioner Gordon, who has since been an important aspect of Batman stories for the last 83 years.
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Published in April 1940 once again by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Batman was such a massive success that comic publishers decided to give him his own solo series. To nobody’s surprise, Batman #1 was an even bigger hit and more influential to the Batman mythology with first appearances from the Joker and Selina Kyle who later became Catwoman. This comic also showcased the first design of the Bat-Plane which was later redesigned in its follow up comics.
clean 2
Published in November 1939 by writer Ray Gill and artist Frank Paul, this comic is as important as they come. Originally published by Timely Comics, this is the issue that changed the titled from Timely to Marvel Comics that we know today. While this comic featured the first appearance of many characters, none are as popular as the Human Torch. Not to be confused though with Johnny Storm with the Fantastic Four, this Human Torch was given the alter ego Jim Hammond.
clean 1
Published in March 1941 by writers Joe Simon and Jack Kirby with art illustrated by Kirby who showcased the first Avenger, Captain America. Still under the name Timely Comics, this issue was also the introduction to Project Rebirth which was later known as the Super Solider Program. And while this issue has a handful of first appearance villains, it is also most notable for its first appearances from Cap’s ally Bucky Barnes (later becomes the Winter Soldier) and arch nemesis the Red Skull.
download 2
Published in June 1938 by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, look no further than the original superhero. The first appearance of Superman, along with notable first appearances by Lois Lane and Zatara (Father of Zatanna). Released towards the end of the Great Depression, Superman was more than a source of entertainment but a symbol of hope for everyone at a time he was needed most. Superman continues to be the most influential creations of the Golden Age of comic books.
Published in September 1962 by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, Stan Lee continued his trend of incredible comic book characters with the release of the Amazing Spider-Man. Featuring not only the first appearance and origin of Spider-Man/Peter Parker but the first appearances of Uncle Ben, Aunt May and Flash Thompson. This issue also saw the death of Uncle Ben, placing Peter Parker on his path to become the hero we know today.
Superman 1939 747x1030 1
Published in June 1939 and once again created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, while also holding the record for the highest comic sale in history by beating out Amazing Fantasy #15 in January 2022. This comic was the first solo title for Superman with cover drawn by Joe Shuster and featured the origin story of Superman at a time he was still unable to fly but simply leap tall buildings in a single bound.

A lot of appreciation for Marvel. Big love for DC Comics!
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