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*Criteria for Picks: “Members of the Back 9 panel will pick a comic book, comic set, magazine, trade paperback, pulp or graphic novel for their favorite personal pick.”
**Picks are not in order of rank.
Top 10 McFarlane Comics To Get Signed
Batman #423 Iconic Cover
Yessss the reason for this pick is because I love Thailand art and I love the story how Todd designed it that way because of deadline to do this cover. And he had to finish it quickly and didn’t want to do full body but the cape is still iconic. Iconic book where the story is not linked to any speculation. – Naj Mansour

Spawn #9 Embossed German Variant 1st Angela
Rare, foreign variant of an otherwise overprinted book + first appearance of a cool character with MCU heat is already easy money. Throw in a signature from a co-creator with an insanely passionate following and you are sitting real pretty. – Jack Kornblatt

Spawn #1 1st Spawn
If, and I think it’s a really big If, the Spawn movie is legitimately good to great movie, there could be a wave of new non-comic Spawn fans. If that happens, they are going to be people who want signed copies of his #1. I view this as a calculated risk. Spawn 1 has been able to slowly gain value over the years, so it’s not like its value is heavily tied to a movie right now and, if the movie doesn’t work out and the book tanks, it will probably recover in the long run. If the movie doesn’t move the needle on the book, again, in the long run, probably fine. But if the bet pays off, there could be a chance for a nice profit. So, to be honest this seems like a low risk, high reward situation to me. – Jack Kornblatt

The Comics Journal #84 1st McFarlane Published Art
This is the first published McFarlane art and I wouldn’t mind getting a copy signed. If he would allow, I would consider getting my issue of Kill Image signed which also has a gold foil variant too. – Topher

Coyote #11 1st McFarlane Comic Book
1st Todd McFarlane art in a comic book. Seems like this one is growing on many collectors. – Ali

Cyberforce #8 Cool Cover
Back when image was new, they did a crossover month where artists did a cover for someone else’s book. McFarlane did Cyber Force. Would be a cool sig. – Stein

Amazing Spider-Man #299 1st Venom in Cameo
Plenty of white space for a good sig. – Chris Nelms

Image United #1 Sketch Variant 1st Omega Spawn
Image United #1 1:50 B&W Not too many of these out there. Small print order and a first appearance of Omega Spawn. – Chris Nelms

Amazing Spider-Man #300 1st Venom
Possibly the greatest cover of all time. It is so mesmerizing and cool with the black suit and monogram design. It’s been homaged probably a thousand times already or close to. With the guts having the 1st appearance of Venom it makes it even more of a collector’s piece.  – Phil

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