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A veteran-owned Alaskan comic book shop, Aegis Comics of Alaska, starts a GoFundMe asking for financial support following a series of setbacks.
A veteran-owned Alaskan comic book store, Aegis Comics of Alaska, has started a GoFundMe following a number of setbacks related to weather and other matters.
Luis and Amie Nieves created a GoFundMe fundraiser, "Help Save Alaska's Veteran Owned Comic Book Store," asking for financial support in order to keep their shop — located at 500 E. Swanson Avenue, Suit 2, Walker, Alaska 99654 — afloat. At the time of this article's publication, the fundraiser has raised approximately $4,805 toward a $7,500 goal. "When we started this shop our mission was to provide a space for people from all walks of life to have a safe place to be," the fundraiser's description reads. "A community of people who enjoy comics, artwork, anime, manga, gaming, and supporting veterans, for parents to reconnect with their kids, and for no one to feel judged.
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"We opened in May of 2019, and as is the case with many other small businesses we have just been trying to survive through COVID, supply disruptions, extreme weather, and other challenges. Things haven’t been easy, especially this last year. What we were hoping would be an influx of customers for holiday shopping didn’t happen due to extreme weather that not only caused us to have to close our shops, but many people who we hoped would come shop were not leaving their homes (for good reason).
"With multiple factors in play, we find ourselves in a position where we have to ask for help. It isn’t easy to do, and Lord knows we have tried everything we can think of to help us through this. The reality is we need help if we are going to be able to stay open. We are reaching out to our community to ask for donations to help us stay afloat. Any amount, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated. Your donation will help us pay our bills, keep our employees working, and ensure that we can continue to provide the comics, graphic novels, and other merchandise that our customers love. Our goal is to continue to host events, comic cons, coffee with veterans, paint nights, and much much more.
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"We understand that times are tough for many people right now, but we hope that you will consider donating to help us keep our doors open. We are a small, family and veteran-owned business and every dollar counts. Thank you for reading, and sharing, and if you can donate, thank you so much." On Jan. 13, 2023, Luis provided a brief update on the GoFundMe page, saying, "Thank you for all the love and support for the shop. We aren't out of the woods yet, but are very grateful to you all!"
Click here to visit the GoFundMe page and support the fundraiser for Aegis Comics of Alaska. For more information on the store's hours, selection and more, click here.
Source: GoFundMe
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