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Wakanda has been a prominent country in the MCU, but there are some facts about the country and its citizens only comic book fans know.
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has been released, bringing Phase 4 of the MCU essentially to a close. Once again, the focus of the film was on the country of Wakanda, home to Black Panther. But despite its prominence in the MCU, there are still many facts about the country that audience members don't know about.
What facts that audiences do see in the film help flesh out the country's history and culture. But there are still many unknown facts that moviegoers do not know. However, fans that have read the comics have learned more facts about the country that the MCU doesn't show or have changed.
Other than the fact that Wakanda is on the African continent, it seems as though the location of the country is always changing. Early comics showed that Wakanda was right next to the Atlantic Ocean. But later comics showed the country was not only towards the west of the continent and even landlocked towards the center.
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It seems that there was no consistent location for the country until later on when a more recent map showed the country next to Lake Victoria. Still, with a more solid location being necessary for the MCU, it's hard to believe that no one really knew where the country was when writing the comics.
With many of the vibranium creations in the MCU coming from Wakandan vibranium, it's hard to believe that vibranium isn't the main currency in the country. In fact, the main currency is the Wakandan Dollar.
With all the vibranium in the country, it's amazing that Wakandans were able to move away from the amazing metal and create something else to base their economy on, in this case, the Wakandan Dollar. While speculation is still out there on what this money is in comparison to the American Dollar and other forms of money, this obscure fact is still not mentioned within the MCU due to its insignificance to the main plot of the movies.
There are many Wakandans who should join the MCU, but a name of a certain Wakandan group that only appears in the comics has remained unknown to those who only watch the MCU movies: the Hatut Zeraze.
The Hatut Zeraze, otherwise known as the "Dogs of War" are the secret police of Wakanda, responsible for torturing and exterminating enemies of Wakanda. Although they were exiled by Black Panther and became mercenaries, they still remain loyal to Wakanda and still act in what they believe is in the country's best interest. The group's methods may be more brutal than what those like T'Challa would like, but they would still fight to the death for Wakanda.
The MCU depicts Wakanda as a tribal monarchy, run by the elders of each of the tribes in Wakanda. And in the comics, this was indeed the case – for a while.
While Wakanda in the comics was a tribal monarchy, T'Challa eventually was able to turn the country into a constitutional monarchy in recent comics. This allowed the people of Wakanda to vote and elect their government officials, making the will of the people more prominent in how the country is run. This change may have been recent, but it is still fresh in the minds of comic readers.
In the MCU, Wakanda is depicted as being made up of five tribes. But that number is much greater for the Wakanda in the comics.
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In the comics, Wakanda is actually made up of 18 different tribes, all united under the rule of the tribal council (later the Wakandan Constitutional Council) and the Black Panther. The tribes all mostly live in peace with one another, with the exception of the Jabari Tribe, who, just like in the MCU, worship a gorilla god rather than the Panther Goddess that the rest of the country worships.
Black Panther is an extremely well-known character, with multiple quotes of his to describe him perfectly. But what many don't know is that he studied outside Wakanda – something that is completely forbidden in the comics.
Due to the isolationist status of Wakanda, all Wakandans were forced to get their free education at various schools within the country's borders. T'Challa himself was the first person in Wakanda's history to get his education outside the country, something that went against Wakandan law. But, seeing as he was the son of the chief, Wakandan law didn't punish him in any way for the transgression.
There are plenty of powerful superhero teams in the MCU, but all of them had to get training or train themselves to use their powers in the best ways possible. Unknown to many people, Wakanda has a school to train people with powers.
Known as the Wakandan School for Alternative Studies, the school is based in Wakanda and was built as a special school for meta-humans to learn how to better control their powers. While the school only has had a brief appearance in the comics so far, it's reasonable to conclude that the school still operates today, albeit off to the side and not training anyone truly important as of yet.
Given how technologically advanced Wakanda is, it comes as no surprise that they have been able to find cures to some of the world's most vicious health problems, including cancer.
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However, being isolationists, the Wakandans are reluctant to share this cure for cancer with the rest of the world. Much like how the X-Men have been reluctant to share their resurrection methods in recent comics, they do not feel that the outside world is worthy of this cure when they still promote and sell things that kill people like cigarettes. Given time, perhaps one day they'll be more willing to share their knowledge with those that need it most.
Wakanda has had many Black Panthers rise and fall over the years, including T'Challa himself. While the MCU shows us these dead warriors in the Astral Plane, their bodies in the comics are sent to a place known as Necropolis.
Necropolis, also known as Birnin Mutata, is home to all the corpses of previous Black Panthers. T'Challa himself was once made King of the Dead by Bast, which made him the strength, knowledge, and experience of every Black Panther in existence. While home to the dead, T'Chall has used this city as a base in the past, especially for the Illuminati once they received word about the Incursion and the end of the Multiverse.
Galactus is easily one of the biggest threats to Earth that the Avengers have ever faced. Each time he threatens the planet, the heroes barely pull out a victory.
As such, Wakanda has developed its own contingency plan to combat the Devourer of Worlds. Details on this plan are sketchy, with the only information being that it involves Cosmic Energy siphoning technology from Doctor Doom, the entire Wakandan air force, a shape-shifter, and the Hulk. However, given how long Wakanda has had this plan in place, it's likely to say that it's a plan that would work should all the pieces fit correctly.
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